What family members can come when you secure a work visa?

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2022 | Employment Immigration

Getting a visa to legally work in the United States can be an incredible opportunity. You can advance your career and establish yourself in the United States. Although the visa is temporary, you have the option to renew it. You can also possibly upgrade your immigration status once you legally enter the country.

Workers who enter the United States for employment sometimes qualify for green cards after they have worked in the United States for several years. Some of them even become naturalized citizens after entering the country with an employment visa.

When you have an incredible opportunity, you will likely want to share it with your closest family members. Does an employment visa give you the opportunity to enter the country with members of your immediate family?

Yes, employment visas can benefit your family, too

It would be much more difficult for companies to connect with foreign talent if all international workers had to leave their family members behind in their country of origin. Your spouse, including a same-sex spouse or legally recognized domestic partner, can potentially travel with you. If you have unmarried children under the age of 21, they can potentially move to the United States with you.

Family members traveling with you under your employment visa will need to meet the same standards: They will need to undergo a background check and submit medical documentation, just like you will. Just like the family member with the employment visa, they will be subject to removal after certain criminal convictions or the discovery of inaccurate information on their visa application. 

Traveling to a new country as a family requires advanced planning

Even temporarily moving to the United States for work requires a lot of planning. The logistics of the move alone can be significant. When you also need to coordinate multiple visa applications, it will be much more difficult.

Having the right support as someone seeking to enter the United States on an employment visa will make the process easier for your family. Understanding the rules that govern employment visa programs will help workers hoping to continue their careers in the United States.



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