Will I be able to transfer my foreign professional license?

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2021 | Employment Immigration

You may have many reasons you want to move to the United States. Whether you are making the change for a new opportunity or you want to be near friends or family, there is a lot to coordinate as you make your plans.

When you already have a career in a field requiring a professional license, there can be additional challenges to immigration. While some licensing boards will welcome new members from other countries, other groups may have questions about your credentials.

Here’s what you should know about restarting your professional career in the United States.

State-by-State basis

For most professional licenses, the governing boards are at the state level, not the federal level. When it is time to decide where you want to live and the future of your career, you may want to consider looking at the requirements of each state board for transferring your license or certification.

In some cases, the licensing board may need information about your education, your experience or both. You may need to have a list of contacts to submit to the board so they can review your credentials.

It will take time

For some professions, it may not take long to transfer your license to another country. In some cases, your profession may even offer reciprocity. However, you may need to invest weeks or years into getting a license in the United States for other occupations.

As you plan to immigrate, start a conversation with the licensing board for your profession to learn what requirements you need to meet to be licensed in the US. In some cases, there could be exams or distance learning you can complete before you relocate so you can speed up the process.



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