How To Smoothly Execute Intracompany Transfers Across Borders

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Hiring the best talent can be a real challenge for a successful business. Internal promotions or transfers can be an ideal means of getting the right talent into the right position. However, the process of transferring an existing employee will sometimes require a work visa.

Companies with international operations may have talented workers in multiple countries. They may occasionally want to send a worker who has proven their ability in one region to a different location. Perhaps the company is about to expand into a new market and needs someone who’s already familiar with the company’s operations. Maybe there are already facilities in the United States and they do not perform as well as operations in other nations.

An intracompany transfer can bring a manager, executive or other highly skilled employee to the United States to help develop the domestic presence of the company. How can organizations facilitate a smooth intracompany transfer process?

Begin the visa process as soon as possible

Securing an L-1 intercompany transfer visa will require paperwork and background checks, as well as a requirement to submit medical records and other key documents to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). As soon as an organization makes the decision to conduct an international intracompany transfer, it will likely want to begin the visa process. Internal paperwork for the transfer may also be necessary to facilitate the visa application process.

Provide the worker with transition support

From language lessons and an introduction to the local community to assistance with travel logistics and packing, there are many types of support services that a business can offer a professional seeking an intracompany transfer. Ensuring that a professional has the support they need to relocate and also to acclimate to their new environment will be of the utmost importance during a transition to a different country. Financial support is only one way to help a worker acclimate. Connecting them with local resources will also be very important.

The sooner an organization begins handling the paperwork necessary for a visa and the internal paperwork for the transfer and benefits for the employee, the easier it will generally be to facilitate a smooth transition from working in one country to working in another nation for the same organization.



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