What family members can you help immigrate with a green card?

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Immigrating to the United States is often a lengthy process. You may have initially entered the country with a visa for work or school. You can live in the country for years with a visa and even renew it to stay longer.

Eventually, may qualify to become a permanent resident. Getting your green card helps secure your position in the United States. As a permanent resident, you have the right to own real estate, start a business or attend public schools.

You also have more opportunities to help your loved ones who live in other countries. Specifically, you may be able to help some of them obtain family preference visas. What family members may be eligible for immigration after you get your green card?

Family preference visas can help your closest family members

Both United States citizens and legal permanent residents can request family preference visas. Not only can you help your loved ones enter the country, but you can help them obtain their green cards as well.

There are multiple categories of these visas. United States citizens have the strongest rights under the first preference category. However, lawful permanent residents have rights under the lower preference categories. A second preference visa could help you sponsor your spouse to enter the United States and live with you. It can also help your unmarried children who are not yet 21 years old.

There is also a second subset of this category that may also help your children. You have the ability to potentially sponsor unmarried children over the age of 21under the Second preference (F2B) category. Married children are also eligible although at a lower preference level. Spouses and children of those who you help apply can also apply in some cases. Spouses and minor children can apply as derivative applicants.

There are annual limits on these visa programs, so you may not achieve success the first time that you apply. At most, there will be 480,000 of these visas awarded in any given year. However, with dedication and persistence, you could help a family member join you in the United States. Learning more about family-based immigration can help you explore what opportunities are available to you.



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