5 mistakes to avoid when filling out immigration paperwork

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2021 | Family Immigration

The United States immigration process can often feel confusing and overwhelming. Individuals can make a challenging situation worse by making a mistake when completing the various forms the U.S. immigration process requires.

Whether you are applying for a Green Card, U.S. citizenship or a visa, the immigration benefit is usually tied to numerous forms, paperwork and documentation. Applicants must fill out these forms correctly to avoid a rejection. Common errors to avoid can include:

  • Not providing the correct information: Applicants often feel that leaving out certain bits of information might help them move through the process efficiently – especially if the information casts them in a negative light. It is crucial to provide correct, true data at all stages in the process.
  • Not completing all parts of the document: It is crucial that an applicant thoroughly review all paperwork before submitting it. Leaving any blank spaces (unless they are optional) can lead to a rejection. Even something as simple as forgetting to write the date can cause trouble.
  • Not submitting the right forms: Government agencies revise their forms on a regular basis. If an applicant has downloaded a document or printed it out to fill out in the future, it is important to ensure it is still the correct form before submitting it.
  • Not following deadlines: No matter the type of immigration benefit, the applicant must follow any deadlines in the process. Missing deadlines can lead to the rejection of the application.
  • Not providing proper foreign language translation: It is not uncommon for applicants to include birth certificates, professional references and other supporting documentation from their country of origin. If these documents are submitted without proper American English translations, it can delay the process or lead to a rejection.

Whether applying for a family visa, an employment visa or a Permanent Resident Card, it is important to be patient when completing paperwork. There are processes in place for every immigration benefit and even the smallest error could lead to serious trouble.



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