Business owners push back against Trump immigration policy

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2020 | Employment Immigration

A group of Georgia business owners is speaking out regarding the tougher times they expect to face as business owners as a result of restrictions President Trump placed on foreign work visas. The restrictions affect employment immigration by putting an immediate halt to the H1-B visas that are awarded to skilled technical workers from other countries. A pause has also been placed on other visas that allow foreign nationals to legally work in America. The president explains the move as a way to boost the chances of Americans in the job market.

The Technology Association of Georgia has joined many top companies across the United States in their condemnation of the restrictions put in place by the president. The group explains that the order also prevents important workers for companies from being transferred to America as part of their job duties. The Association argues that the conditions caused by the restriction can result in harm to the American economy.

About 85,000 foreign workers are allowed into the United States each year under the H1-B visa program. Georgia business owners are more dependent on these workers than many areas of the country with nine percent of the H1-B visa recipients in 2019 working in the state.

The consortium speaking out against Trump’s immigration policies say that the H1-B visa program makes it possible to bring researchers and entrepreneurs into the country that help to create more employment opportunities. These foreign nationals also add to the competitive environment of the business world. The consortium argues that the absence of these elements is bad news for the American economy.

The immigration process in America is complex in nature and in a state of constant change. Individuals with questions pertaining to immigration law or their own immigrant status may find it useful to speak with an immigration attorney about the matter.



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