How attorneys help with IT employment visa approval

On Behalf of | Jun 4, 2020 | Blog, Employment Immigration

The United States assuredly has a significant need for workers in many employment areas. Certain crafts are in need of workers on a seasonal or scheduled basis, and the U.S. government is intent in supplying that employment need. However, it is not as simple as applying for an employment visa and just waiting for the approval. Both the state of Georgia and the USCIS have a specific protocol for those who want an employment visa or a company wanting to conduct business in the U.S., and details can matter significantly when an application is being considered for approval.

There are usually restrictions of various types that automatically disqualify applicants, but there are also instances when the USCIS will make concessions when specific groups of workers are in demand. In the current economic climate, IT specialists fall into that category. For many groups of workers and their sponsoring employers, it has been necessary to provide a detailed itinerary of the entire U.S. work stint they will complete.

There is a usually three-year timeline for companies wanting to bring foreign employees to the U.S. for a project completion in most instances. However, in an agreement recently reached with one specific IT solutions company and its employee representative groups, employment visas approval no longer requires a detailed itinerary for the approved applicants.

This agreement can eliminate the precarious situation employers find themselves facing when their specialized workers may have employment visas cancelled due to certain H-1B reporting factors. However, that does not mean there are no legalities involved in the arrangement as other protocols for H-1B approval still apply. Legal representation may help ensure that companies are properly staffed and that itinerary requirements normally imposed will indeed be lifted for the IT specialists and their sponsoring employers.



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