Qualifications for the L-1B employment visa

On Behalf of | May 1, 2020 | Blog, Employment Immigration

Some foreign nationals might transfer to work in Georgia as an L-1B Intracompany Transferee With Specialized Knowledge. With this type of visa, a foreign company can send an employee who has a specialized knowledge base to open a branch in the United States. A U.S. company can also transfer an employee with specialized knowledge from one of its foreign branches.

Specialized knowledge refers to the employee’s knowledge of processes and procedures within the company or of the company’s research, product, services or other interests. There are also requirements around the employer’s relationship with what is known as a “qualifying organization.” An employer who is sending an employee to set up a new office has to demonstrate the existence of a physical premises and the ability to pay the employee. These employees can stay for a maximum of one year while others can stay for a maximum of three years. Extensions can be made to a five-year maximum.

Unmarried children younger than 21 can accompany the employee. Spouses may apply for work authorization and can work without any particular restriction. There is a separate pilot program in place for Canadian immigrants.

Immigration law is both complex and fast-changing. Individuals or companies that are seeking an employment visa may want to contact an attorney. There may be other opportunities to seek a work visa. For example, some people might have the skills that qualify them for an H-1B visa. There are a number of other different types of visas, including those for investors, exchange visitors and people who have “extraordinary ability.” An attorney may be able to assist people in identifying the type of visa they are eligible for and guide them through the process.



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