Immigrants should know their rights

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2020 | Blog

Immigrants have rights that are given by the Constitution, no matter what their status is. Knowing their rights and how to express them is important to immigrants living in Georgia. Being calm and truthful and having knowledge will be important to residents stopped by law enforcement.

According to Georgia’s ACLU, when law enforcement asks about status, one should stay calm and not try to run away or resist the officer. Keeping hands where the officer can see them is very important. One should not lie when questioned about their status.

The right to remain silent means that one does not have to discuss immigration status with police. Those who are not citizens should show their immigration papers when asked by an immigration agent. Searching is not allowed without probable cause. People over the age of 18 should always carry their immigration papers with them.

In some states, police may ask for the person’s name. Other than the name, one does not have to answer other law enforcement questions. While driving and being pulled over, one needs to show their driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance; they do not have to answer questions regarding immigration status.

When leaving or entering the country, customs officers can ask about immigration status. Permanent residents (LPR) only need to answer questions that establish identity and residency. Entrance or exit cannot be denied, but the travel could be delayed.

Phone numbers of an attorney who specializes in family immigration should be memorized before needed. Family immigration law can be important to people who have immigration concerns; it can also be an emotional topic. Knowing about the law as well as having an attorney who specializes in this field will make knowledge of the immigration process easier for families.



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