Trump administration to restrict work permits for asylum-seekers

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2019 | Employment Immigration

The Trump administration released a proposal in mid-November that could limit most asylum-seekers’ ability to obtain work permits.

Under the proposed rule, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services could reject work authorization to a majority of asylum-seekers crossing the border from Mexico who don’t have documentation.

Officials could exert more control over worker authorization

According to a recent report, the new guidelines could give officials more authority to discontinue work permits for migrants. The changes could also allow the government to deny permit renewal requests from asylum-seekers living in the U.S., as some may not meet qualifications under the new policy.

Back in September, the USCIS released a rough draft of a plan that would eliminate their requirement to process work permits for asylum-seekers within two months of filing their petition. And just last week, the agency made a proposal that would make the U.S. only one of four countries in the world that charges for asylum applications.

The Trump administration’s release of this proposal is their most recent effort to discourage migrants from entering the United States. Unfortunately, this could block many who are looking to contribute to the American economy in areas where workers are desperately needed.

Employment is necessary for many asylum-seekers

The Trump administration’s new rules could have severe impacts on asylum-seekers’ employment opportunities in America. As there are already long delays in the asylum process, some individuals may have to wait five or six years until they can legally work.

Due to these circumstances, migrants seeking asylum and their loved ones may want to contact a compassionate and experienced immigration attorney. They can assist in addressing their concerns and answer any questions they may have.



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