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Understanding the employment visa process

When a foreign worker has an exciting employment opportunity, they may need an employment visa to pursue that opportunity which is why it is important to understand what an employment visa is and the process for obtaining an employment visa. An H-1B visa in a nonimmigrant visa that allows an employer to sponsor and foreign worker to work in this country.

What types of workers qualify for employment immigration visas?

Georgia businesses want to be successful financially, and sometimes they need to hire a worker from abroad. Each year in the United States, around 140,000 immigrant visas are given to those with qualifying job skills who want to live and work in the U.S. There are five employment immigration visa preferences. These preferences take into account a worker's education and skills, as well as the sector they are employed in and the position they hold.

Do I need a job offer for employment immigration?

Some employers in Atlanta and elsewhere in the United States may wish to hire an employee from abroad. For example, they may find that the position they wish to fill is very specialized and there simply aren't any American candidates that qualify for it and are willing to accept the job. Thus, they may wish to sponsor an immigrant for a work visa.

What are one's visa options for employment immigration?

America is seen by many as the "land of opportunity." Perhaps it is for this reason that many people from abroad choose to immigrate to Georgia and elsewhere in the United States for employment. These people may wish to live in the country as lawful, permanent residents. To do this, they must obtain a Green Card.

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