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A quick look at the basic legalities pertaining to citizenship

Citizenship is an important concept with significant legal implications, so it is important to understand. Becoming a citizen of the United States occurs through birth or the naturalization process. For those not born in the U.S. but seeking citizenship, it is valuable to understand citizenship basics, such as how to obtain it.

How can children born or living abroad obtain U.S. citizenship?

Sometimes a child is born to a U.S. citizen abroad or sometimes parents in the U.S. wish to adopt a child from another country. These parents may want to reside in the U.S. with their child. It is important for parents in Georgia to understand how children in such situations can obtain U.S. citizenship.

Don't make these mistakes when applying for citizenship

Applying for a green card is the first step to becoming a permanent resident of the United States, and eventually, a U.S. citizen. However, the application process can be daunting and even minor mistakes could delay the approval of an application. Those in Georgia seeking a green card or U.S. citizenship will want to ensure they do not make the following mistakes when completing the documents necessary to achieve their goals.

What does the government shutdown mean for immigration services?

We are now more than three weeks into the partial government shutdown. Whether you're applying for your green card or looking to renew your passport for your upcoming vacation abroad, you might be wondering how this shutdown is impacting immigration services.

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